Match Results for 2021-10-09

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Total time on all stages Alias Category Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Clean Date Admin Only
119.18Lanky FrameGF20.3521.5735.2524.8917.122021-10-09Edit | Delete
117.73Wicker NashGF21.7323.4026.5222.5123.572021-10-09Edit | Delete
188.29Parnelly PeteS40.2232.5036.7535.3243.502021-10-09Edit | Delete
178.46Rootin TootinSD27.9033.1532.4947.1137.812021-10-09Edit | Delete
140.66Fat Boy HarleySS24.7136.7325.8225.8427.562021-10-09Edit | Delete
155.15Apple KnockerW27.3438.8025.1231.8532.042021-10-09Edit | Delete
235.19Marshall Chance MorganSS34.8139.1156.9057.0047.372021-10-09Edit | Delete
219.36Shanghai SamES38.5343.9042.4938.9155.532021-10-09Edit | Delete
218.66Montana SlimFCGF37.8343.9042.4938.9155.53clean2021-10-09Edit | Delete
251.98Badshot BubbaS49.7245.9252.7957.5945.962021-10-09Edit | Delete
185.44Badlands CharlieES28.6547.3636.0131.2542.172021-10-09Edit | Delete
187.89Sly DogES35.7649.6629.5138.1234.842021-10-09Edit | Delete
234.42Shiloh SharpsFN39.2050.2244.1642.9857.862021-10-09Edit | Delete
228.74Oscar DeuceSS0.0050.3149.2068.3160.922021-10-09Edit | Delete
255.31Two Bit Penny AnteLS44.1155.3042.8169.8843.212021-10-09Edit | Delete
241.33GumSlingerLFN64.8955.5553.6267.270.002021-10-09Edit | Delete
248.34Calamity CarolineLSS43.8356.6245.0246.1156.76clean2021-10-09Edit | Delete
215.41Mar SiouxLSS34.7259.2338.9243.3339.212021-10-09Edit | Delete
301.90Benny BuckarooBU57.6865.3450.1860.9667.742021-10-09Edit | Delete
300.40Dresden BanditES42.7972.5158.2749.2777.562021-10-09Edit | Delete