Match Results for 2021-09-11

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Scores ordered by best total time on all stages

Total time on all stages Alias Category Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Clean Date Admin Only
125.11Mountain Man ChampFN23.5317.5917.0630.4136.522021-09-11Edit | Delete
135.72City SlickerFN27.5923.0036.1616.4732.502021-09-11Edit | Delete
136.66Apple KnockerW31.8319.8129.5921.6333.802021-09-11Edit | Delete
140.17Wicker NashGF42.1523.2126.4917.4830.842021-09-11Edit | Delete
148.20Kingdom KidSS31.7824.3129.8824.7137.522021-09-11Edit | Delete
175.15Daisy AnnLFN40.8728.1734.1024.2947.72clean2021-09-11Edit | Delete
182.20Chancey ShotFCGF35.9525.1948.0023.2649.802021-09-11Edit | Delete
185.07Fat Boy HarleySS36.9123.5738.7820.8564.962021-09-11Edit | Delete
186.10Count SandorFCD37.3424.5447.7237.6438.862021-09-11Edit | Delete
188.95PartnerGF26.5230.5535.8128.5767.502021-09-11Edit | Delete
191.79Parnelly PeteSS34.1937.0838.7825.7955.95clean2021-09-11Edit | Delete
196.90Miss ShotLFN31.7531.0541.5436.8155.752021-09-11Edit | Delete
203.30Sly DogES37.3335.5143.8029.4357.232021-09-11Edit | Delete
203.50Whiskey RickES43.0734.9829.0552.0744.332021-09-11Edit | Delete
212.42Dimple DarlinLSS32.2632.2141.2525.6781.032021-09-11Edit | Delete
216.58Cowboy RickFCGF63.8539.1436.5823.0353.982021-09-11Edit | Delete
224.14Partner's PartnerSSLGF43.4543.7542.8832.0562.012021-09-11Edit | Delete
233.82M. I. DunnES45.4242.7064.0432.0049.662021-09-11Edit | Delete
248.01Lock'em Up BillS42.3646.5352.2452.7754.112021-09-11Edit | Delete
256.00Mar SiouxLSS57.8236.9749.5954.9956.632021-09-11Edit | Delete
277.65Badshot BubbaS50.2041.9757.7433.9493.802021-09-11Edit | Delete
284.32Shiloh SharpsFN50.1369.9150.5942.3371.362021-09-11Edit | Delete
289.34Rootin TootinSD140.0026.2238.6136.6347.882021-09-11Edit | Delete
291.52Badlands CharlieSS140.0025.5439.5223.1763.292021-09-11Edit | Delete
299.14Calamity CarolineLSS54.8037.3569.3632.57105.062021-09-11Edit | Delete