Match Results for 2019-06-08

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Scores ordered by best total time on all stages

Total time on all stages Alias Category Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Clean Date Admin Only
131.53City SlickerFN27.7925.6821.4226.2130.432019-06-08Edit | Delete
153.45Fat Boy HarleySS39.6831.0927.0726.7728.842019-06-08Edit | Delete
158.17J. R. RiderFN44.2433.4825.9624.1630.332019-06-08Edit | Delete
159.88Will DunnEP38.2234.7127.0232.9426.992019-06-08Edit | Delete
168.36Count SandorBPFC29.8330.4140.2434.0033.882019-06-08Edit | Delete
180.88Fence CutterCB31.5931.8838.2037.1242.092019-06-08Edit | Delete
185.29Wicker NashGF37.7730.9528.2834.1654.132019-06-08Edit | Delete
193.05Badlands CharlieSS39.6739.0736.9827.7549.582019-06-08Edit | Delete
196.57Miss ShotLFN39.1248.5633.5032.2243.172019-06-08Edit | Delete
202.60M. I. DunnES40.6145.1536.7538.6041.49Clean2019-06-08Edit | Delete
209.80Whiskey RickES39.8871.3333.5129.4435.642019-06-08Edit | Delete
209.89Daisy AnnLW48.3239.3934.0556.1531.982019-06-08Edit | Delete
217.61Montana SlimFGD41.9539.9737.1356.6341.932019-06-08Edit | Delete
238.86Dusty MillerS46.9848.9546.3647.8548.722019-06-08Edit | Delete
246.15Badshot BubbaS58.5141.2242.5434.7769.112019-06-08Edit | Delete
249.27Mountain Man ChampBPGF56.1251.2338.4749.5053.952019-06-08Edit | Delete
252.57Shanghai SamSS55.5850.1155.0246.4845.382019-06-08Edit | Delete
270.99Mar SiouxLS59.3056.1456.7938.4760.292019-06-08Edit | Delete
293.71Two Gun GabeS62.2460.2547.1765.1258.932019-06-08Edit | Delete
340.00What's Her NameCG64.5468.2877.7062.5966.892019-06-08Edit | Delete
363.15Mederville KidCB63.3989.6863.4456.4690.182019-06-08Edit | Delete
442.23Captain JakeFCGF82.6281.2568.2297.20112.942019-06-08Edit | Delete